At Lucky Steel Buildings, our vision is to become a professional company in the construction industry, particularly focusing on pre-engineered steel structures.

We aim to enlighten and liberalize people through careful training. As a company, we expand human resources and invest in our facilities to operate at optimal levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

By 2025, the company’s revenue is projected to grow a minimum of 15% annually and have a brand name belonging in group of top companies of the PESS (Pre-Engineered Steel Structure) Industry.

Additionally, before 2030, we anticipate our annual revenue to be placed in the top 10 worldwide with a Rank 2 in the PESS (Pre-Engineered Steel Structure) Industry.


Our mission is based on creating “solutions” for products and services in the construction industry, especially within PESS (Pre-Engineered Steel Structures). Lucky Steel Buildings will have a tremendous and positive impact on the economy through enhanced benefits for the experiences of the project, customer, partners, sub-contractors, and community.



Core Value: Honesty produces Integrity.

“Honesty and Integrity” form the vital base of our company. Integrated with our deep passion to bringing quality to our products, partners, and community, we combine our wisdom and knowledge to find the best possible solutions.

Culture: Goodwill, cooperation, and collaboration rooted in Care

We hold a high expectation to communicate with the utmost respect and sense of goodwill for others. While we pride ourselves in our knowledge and experiences, Lucky Steel Buildings operates on the foundation of sincerity and genuine care by creating a pleasant working environment for all.

Self-Respect, Respect and Prestige as an integral part of our commitment

Members of Lucky Steel Buildings enter the company with the expectation of upholding themselves to the highest regard of respect in order to make valuable contributions within the company. We hold ourselves to be held accountable for our actions, and as such, we respect not only ourselves but others as well in order to maintain this prestigious company

We pride ourselves in placing such high importance on rooting our work with a kind, understanding heart. It is only with such a heart that we can create meaningful products and provide quality, lasting services. We stand by our promise to you, and we hold our reputation as a company to perform only under such standards.


“HUMANS” at the ROOT

““Human” Resource → Builds the organization
“Human” Culture → Sustains the company and its future
“Human” Kindness → Shares and contributes to the community

Lucky Steel aims to provide high quality service as we work towards finding better solutions for our partners and customers alike.

Both individual and group achievements are taken into account in order to continually maintain and improve our chain of operations. As a company, we understand that it is imperative we are always polishing our work in order to deliver the best products to our customers, partners, and community.